Friday, June 6, 2008

The Indypendent: Congress Approves Plan Mexico

An updated version of my Plan Mexico article appears in the current issue of The Indypendent. If you're in NYC, pick up a free copy.

Congress Approves Plan Mexico

By Kristin Bricker
From the June 6, 2008 issue | Posted in International | Email this article

NAFTA + Homeland Security = Mega Arms Deal

The U.S. Congress recently approved Plan Mexico, also known as the Mérida Initiative, dealing a potentially deadly blow to Mexican activists and indigenous communities. If signed into law, Plan Mexico would provide resources, equipment, and training to the Mexican government, police, and military. President Bush’s original proposal requested $1.4 billion over a period of three years. However, Tim Rieser, aide to Sen. Patrick Leahy, says that three years won’t be enough, confirming what many activists suspected: Plan Mexico, like the War on Drugs, is designed to continue indefinitely.



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