Monday, June 6, 2011

Javier Sicilia Denounces Federal Police Raid of Juarez Human Rights Center During Peace Caravan

Standing in front of the San Xavier mine in Cerro de San Pedro, San
Luis Potosí, Javier Sicilia denounces a Federal Police attack on the
Juarez-based Paso del Norte Human Rights Center.
Statement by Javier Sicilia in Cerro San Pedro in front of the San Xavier mine (San Luis Potosí)

This morning we found out that in Ciudad Juarez the Paso del Norte Human Rights Center, which is directed by Father Oscar Enriquez and is one of the organizations that is preparing for our arrival [in that city], was attacked by the Federal Police.  They broke windows, they entered with violence, and they took documents.  

Once again, we ask the government, "What message are you sending us?  Are you going to fight against us?  Are you going to end up killing us?  Are you going to humiliate us?  Or are you going to work for the citizenry?"

I demand that President Calderón investigate [this attack] and that he guarantee us security--not only for the citizens of Ciudad Juarez,  but of the entire caravan.  Because [with this attack the government is] responding to citizens' ethical demands with violence.  It must be investigated, and we demand a response now from President Calderón about this attack.  

We can't tolerate this!  Especially not in a peace movement which is driven by a demand for justice.

We demand that President Calderón give the citizens of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez the security and peace that we're demanding.  Because this was an attack by the authorities, and we can't allow that. 

Transcribed and translated by Kristin Bricker


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