Friday, April 25, 2008

Caciques, Triquis and Impunity – More of the Same

Increasing Level of Threats and Intimidation in the Autonomous Community of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca

by Nancy Davies, Narco News

Since April 7, the day on which the two young Triqui community radio broadcasters were murdered, the level of threats and intimidation has doubled, pressing on the parents of the dead women, Felícitas Martínez and Teresa Bautista, ages 22 and 20; and on the car’s driver and the couple who, with their children, had been sharing the ambushed vehicle. The mother and the three-year-old of their two children, was injured and taken to the hospital in Oaxaca city. The second child was sent to family out of state, for safety. The father reported that he was told under threat, “do not speak” regarding the identities of the shooters or supposed intellectual authors of the attack. He said, “I will speak.” Read more from Narco News


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