Friday, April 4, 2008

Global sign-on letter for immediate unconditional freedom for Mexican political prisoners on hunger strike


For ethical, humanitarian, and just reasons, the people, organizations, and networks who sign this letter express our profound rejection of the deprivation of people's liberty through the "fabrication" of crimes.

We are concerned because the criminalization of social movements is a strategy of the Mexican government to eliminate other ways of doing politics.

In this context, we demand the immediate and unconditional freedom of the political prisoners in Chiapas and Tabasco who have participated in a fast and hunger strike since February 25, and whose health condition is very grave. We declare our support for the freedom of all of the political prisoners of Chiapas and Mexico.

Life and respect for the dignity of all people are inalienable rights.


[Please send your signature and country to with the message "Yo o mi organizacion quisiera firmar la carta por la libertad de los presos politicos"]

The original Spanish:


Por razones éticas, humanitarias y de justicia, las personas, organizaciones y redes abajo firmantes expresamos nuestro profundo rechazo a la privación de la libertad de personas mediante la "fabricación" de delitos .

Estamos preocupados porque la criminalización de los movimientos sociales es una estrategia del gobierno mexicano para eliminar otras formas de hacer política.

En este contexto, exigimos la liberación inmediata e incondicional de los presos políticos de Chiapas y Tabasco que se encuentran en ayuno y huelga de hambre desde el 25 de febrero cuyo estado de salud es sumamente grave. Nos pronunciamos por la liberación de todas las personas presas políticas de Chiapas y de México.

La vida y el respeto a la dignidad de todas las personas son derechos inalienables.


Envien sus firmas con sus paises a


Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the experience of real freedom--which is unconditional freedom--can only be self-created. All that is needed for any human being to have that experience, is the willingness to have it, and that is a choice he or she has to make for himself or herself.
Until then, each and every human being will continue to be a prisoner of their own mind and ego. And the anger that we feel towards those who use force on others is really the anger that we feel towards our own inability to free ourselves from our own self-alienation.
Once we are willing to create unconditional freedom from that anger--or other such negative emotional reactions to the injustices of life--the world will become a field of miracles, and many of these injustices will get resolved effortlessly.
Good luck on your efforts to help free these prisoners in particular, and I wish that you also help free human beings in general from the invisible prison created by their own self-inflicted mental alienation.

Dr Claude Windenberger

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