Monday, April 21, 2008

Frente Popular Francisco Villa Independiente

This video introduces you to the work and uncompromising politics of some of my favorite Other Campaign adherents, the Francisco Villa Popular Independent Front, aka "the Panchos."

We, like our parents and grandparents, work for our children. Sometimes more than 14 hours a day.

Nobody gifts us anything. Not the governments, not the political parties, not the masked Messiahs, we owe them NOTHING.

We've constructed everything with the sweat of our brow.

We build our houses, our streets, we lay our water pipes, our drainpipes, we provide electricity to our communities. Nobody has done it for us.

And the government only shows itself when it wants to raise the price of the tortilla, gas, milk, bread, egg...

And we, like our great-great-grandparents, our grandparents, and parents, have to meet and organize.

In order to do that which only the people can do...

...make them repent for their wickedness, for our exploitation, humiliation; for all of the injustices that they committed and covered up.

1810, 1910, 2010... [the years of Mexico's revolutions]

It's time to unite and organize ourselves already.


Si Fitz said...

wait, so do the panchos have a radio and/or a tv station?

Unknown said...

Yes. They have a pirate FM radio station. I'll get back to you on the TV station, but it appears that they do, at the very least on YouTube

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